Matthew Dealy
Farm Manager & Tool Re-inventor
Matthew was born and raised in Washington state. He has been self-employed for most of his professional career, working in the construction industry. He has built several houses, completing each stage of the process himself and even had a business manufacturing stone veneer. His passion now is in the health field. His learning focuses on achieving optimal health through diet and lifestyle. Matthew headed up a garden ministry at his church in 2009 gardening 1/2 acre and teaching others about gardening while sharing fresh, chemical-free produce. He came to the Black Hills in 2010 as a farm intern and loved his experience so much he went home to Washington and started his own farm. When he got the call to come back to Battle Creek Gardens as the Farm Manager in 2012 he could hardly refuse! Matthew is a hard worker and often re-invents new tools or techniques to get a job done easier or more efficiently. His farming knowledge is ever growing and evolving on this journey.

Deidre Dealy
Matt’s wife and Farm Right-hand
Deidre has been married to Matthew for 10 years and shares his passion for healthy living. She is Matthew’s right-hand woman, helping him in many of his construction and ministry projects. They have two children, Josiah (5 yrs) and Hadassah (3 yrs), who love to help in the garden as well. Deidre is a Registered Nurse, but her real passion is cooking healthy meals and working with her family in the soil. She also helps with the background details, keeping Matt organized, updating the blog and putting together newsletters for the CSA boxes each week.
David Radoja
Farm Intern (2014)
David is from the great state of New York. He has had a growing passion for country living for several years now. His desire to learn agriculture skills have taken him south to Tennessee where he spent a whole year learning at Bountiful Blessings Farm. This experience taught him much about working on a farm and living a country lifestyle. After completing his time in Tennessee he desired to learn even more about small scale farming, which brought him to the Black Hills and Battle Creek Gardens. David is a hard worker. He is very dedicated and willing to say ‘yes’ to just about anything. He is constantly asking questions to assist in his learning and thinking ahead to the projects to come. When he leaves Battle Creek Gardens, his plan is to head to Seale, Alabama for Uchee Pines Institute where he will be heading up their agriculture program.
Sungold Angela
Angela Helseth
Farm Intern (2013)
Angela is a South Dakota native. Although she hails from the eastern side of the state, her love for the plains, rolling hills, and basically everything outdoors stemmed from a childhood in the midwest. That being said, Angela has done her share of traveling and happens to be fluent in Spanish, making her travels outside of the country even easier. She came to Battle Creek Gardens hungry to learn anything she could about farming, food preserving, healthy living and cooking as she could. She has an amazing amount of energy and an incredible gift of gab. She is very hard working and reliable, as a testament to her strong overall values. But, don’t let that fool you, she’s not all seriousness! This girl has an amazing sense  of humor and her joy rubs off on just about anyone!


Akeem on the FarmAkeem Beasley
Farm Intern (2013)
Akeem came to the Black Hills from Atlanta, Georgia.  He has had an interest in Asian culture since he was a child. For this reason he was excited to find he would be serving as a military police officer in Japan after enlisting in the Navy. Upon returning to the U.S., Akeem wanted to expand his knowledge on the ‘simpler things in life’ and attended a Wildwood Health Retreat seminar where he learned about natural remedies and healing. This seminar barely whet his appetite for country living. Now he has come to Battle Creek Gardens to help expand his knowledge about rural life and growing food. He hopes to use this experience to one day minister to others in the mission field…hopefully in Asia.


Anjin on the FarmAnjin Arline
Farm Intern (2013)
Anjin was born in the sunny state of California. He spent some of his time growing up in both Georgia and Illinois. Like Akeem, he served as a military police officer in the Navy, stationed in Japan. In fact, that is where the two of them met. Anjin has come to the Black Hills to gain knowledge and experience in farming. He tends to be the quiet type, but don’t let this fool you…just ask the right question.


Katelyn Luce
Farm Intern (2012)
Katelyn has moved here to help us for the season from Ellensburg WA. She just graduated with a Food Science and Nutrition degree from Central Washington University and is on fire about health and healing through food. She has been on several mission trips and her passion is helping others to learn how to grow foods that will bring life and vitality to under served communities. We are privileged to have her as part of our team this year!

Duane Eik
Farm Intern (2012), Farm Volunteer (2010-11)
Duane applied for our internship when it was full and then offered to come and work as a volunteer. When he was told we had no housing available, he said he would bring his house. We couldn’t resist this offer. Through an interesting turn of events Duane is now official our 3rd intern for our third growing season and for this we are praising God! He moved here from Mesa, AZ and will be spending the season with us. He is used to the heat and is a hard worker that wants to have a farm of his own someday. Our team is now totally complete thanks to God and His special planning.

Jedediah Beatle
Farm Intern (2012)
Many of our CSA members know Jed from the Breadroot Co-op where he has worked for the last year. Jed has been a friend of Battle Creek Gardens since 2009. We were so excited when he told us he was interested in learning more about how to grow healthy food… and he is not afraid to learn new things. As you can see, it didn’t take long for him to learn how to work the ground with the new tractor. Jed was the last intern to be hired, but the first to start. It is because of his willingness to work extra long and hard hours that we were able to start this seasons planting when we did!
Thanks Jed…you’re the BEST!

Scott Synder
Farm Intern (2011)
Scott is originally from Cadillac Michigan and was living and farming in Tennessee at “Bountiful Blessing Farm”  as an intern for 9 months before coming to intern with us in South Dakota. After his experience in TN he felt he wanted to glean farming techniques from another farm before venturing out to start something of his own. With his previous experience interning in TN we count it a great blessing to have him with us this year!
Samuel Adams
Farm Intern (2011)
Sam is originally from SE Texas and found out about us through his good friends in Rapid City who are loyal CSA members on our farm. Sam plans to go to seminary school in Toronto Canada after the farming season is over and hopes to start a farm of his own someday. We are excited to see how God is growing him in his knowledge of agriculture and know that he will be using it to help nourish many people in the future.
Rob, Mindy, Brody & Jovie Barr
Farm Intern (2011)
The Barr family came to us from sunny California. They have been such a blessing on our farm this year. Brody and Jovie are a joy to be around and love to play on the farm.  Remember the Dealy family that interned with us last year? They have started a farm, “Healing Foods Farm,” and we have a hunch that the Barr family will be the next interns to start a farm of their own. We know that they will be doing great things with what God is teaching them here this year..praise the Lord!

Bandit RIP 6/7/2011
Farm Cat
Bandit was the Lesher’s cat and he loved to play in the garden..chasing mice and hiding in the tall weeds.

Bandit Wading in the Water Following Michelle

Our precious Bandit was attacked on the evening of 6/7/11 by, what s
eems to have been, a Mountain Lion or a Coyote. This cat was truly the most unique cat we have ever met. He appeared on porch last year and never left. We found his parents, brought him back and the next day he appeared on our porch again…he adopted us as parents rather than us adopting him.
He walked with us wherever we went, he would walk into water to be by our sides, he loved to drive in cars and he loved everyone he met. I believe he was a missionary…because he brought love and happiness to every one that he met. I am so thankful that the Lord allowed Larry and I to be his parents for the past year.
We will always remember all the fun memories of our precious Bandit and know that, according to Romas 8:21, we will be with him again….praise the Lord….Hallelujah!

Larry Lesher
Farmer (2009-2012)
Larry is in charge of Battle Creek Gardens,  and is working hard to supply  the
kitchen at BHHEC , local restaurants and markets with naturally grown
produce. Larry came to BHHEC from Seattle where he was part owner of
Local Roots and before that he was an intern at Natures Last Stand.  Any
guests or neighbors who would like to visit the farm are more than welcome,
Larry is happy to have folks out to the farm to learn about God’s second
book – nature – and how we can grow closer to Him in the garden.
Michelle Lesher
Larry’s Wife and RD, RN at BHHEC (2009-2012)
Michelle initially trained as a registered nurse but her interest in food and
nutrition led her to further her education, gaining a Master’s of Science in
Nutrition (MSN) from Bastyr University in Seattle. While completing her
internship at Bastyr University she had the opportunity to spend two weeks
observing at BHHEC. Several months later she and her husband Larry moved
to the Black Hills. Michelle works primarily as the dietitian at BHHEC
counseling the wellness guest one-on-one and lectures on food and
nutrition. Michelle also loves new recipes and will be involved in each
newsletter including nutritional content of foods that are grown on the
farm along with new recipes. Michelle is out on the farm any chance she
gets and hopes to tend a farm stand on Sundays from 10:00-12:00 noon at
Battle Creek Gardens.
Farm Intern, Indian Nomad and Farming Enthusiast (2010)
Danielle Harrison
Farm Volunteer (2010)
Leaving her home in Washington state, Danielle is spending the summer in South Dakota to volunteer at Battle Creek Gardens. In her search for health she has found an enthusiasm in learning about natural healing of all kinds. She strives to live a healthy lifestyle and hopes to incorporate all that she learns at our farm and BHHEC when she returns home.

Farm Volunteer (2010)
Oliver has come to us from the East Coast. He will be here for a few months helping us with the farm.
Dave and Lisa
Farm Volunteers (2010)
Dave and Lisa are from the south. They are spending a month volunteering at Balltle Creek Gardens. They have a love for gardening and, most years, have quite a garden of their own back home. They are a couple of work horses and we are blessed that they have joined our team.

Jordan & His New Friend….Kale!

Farm Intern (2010)
Jordan just finished nursing school in Nebraska. He grew up in Rapid city and came home this summer to study for this nursing exam. He stared out as a volunteer on the farm and was asked to be an intern at the end of April after Kris left. When Jordan stared farming he had never eaten a beet before, now he is a connoisseur of fine foods.

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  1. Jordan Cooper says:

    So, where is my profile! 🙂

  2. sowing4him says:

    Really? I guess we could do that. 🙂

  3. Jana koupal says:

    Thanks for all the great profiles of the farming crew! It was great meeting you online, can’t wait to meet you all in person sometime!

  4. Jana says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for the wonderful CSA boxes these past couple weeks! The Bear Claws were a delicious surprise! Popped one in the oven for a couple minutes this morning and had it warm w a cup of coffee! Yumm! The chocolate lip balm was a sweet surprise last week too, especially this time of year when lips and skin beg the extra moisture and nourishment! Keep up the great work! We appreciate you so much! Gods abundant blessings on you all and on the work of your hands!

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