Battle Creek Gardens is part of the Black Hills Health and Education Center (BHHEC), which is a 501c3 non-profit organization. BHHEC’s mission statement is “exists
to restore mental, physical and spiritual health by promoting and assisting in the development of permanent positive lifestyle choices. At Black Hills Health and Education Center we are convinced that a balanced approach to life that includes all of the eight natural laws of health is imperative. We believe that every person is to be accorded respect and dignity and that the entire person needs to be treated, not just the disease or health challenges they are facing.”

8 Natural Laws of Health – WELLNESS

  • Water-Drink at least 8 glasses a day of pure water.
  • Exercise – Take aerobic exercise everyday and include strength-building exercise three times a week.
  • Life-Giving Air – Breathe deeply of clean air.
  • Limits – Participate moderately in those activities that are helpful and abstain from those things that are harmful.
  • Nutrition – Eat enough calories to supply your needs from plant based sources that are as much as possible uncontaminated.
  • Essential Rest – Get 8 hours sleep every night
  • Sunshine – Spend time in the sun
  • Stress – Reduce stress in your life and develop healthy responses to stress by trusting in God

We supply BHHEC with a variety of farm fresh vegetables throughout the season. WELLNESS is an easy way to remember these eight principles.

Because we are a small scale farm we depend on volunteers and donations to help with the costs of equipment that are above and beyond what we are able to afford.

If you are interested in donating money to Battle Creek Gardens please mail in donations to:

Battle Creek Gardens

P.O. Box 19

Hermosa, SD


or contact us @ 605-389-1387

Thank You for supporting small scale high diversity  farming!

**A SPADER HAS BEEN PURCHASED AND WAS DELIVERED ON JAN. 10th, 2012…….praise God! Thank you to our faithful donors!**


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