Harvesting Garlic and Battling Bugs

Things sure have changed on the farm over the last few weeks. It is amazing how things spring to life when it really begins to feel like summer outside. Thankfully most, though not all, of our crops have sprung back to life since the hailstorm. We are in awe of the restorative power of nature! Now we are just praying that we won’t get hit again this summer.

Garlic Harvest

Garlic Harvest

Our 2014 CSA program is now underway. It has been a long time coming! It was the greatest feeling being able to send out our first week of deliveries. We feel like our first box was an awesome one, offering lots of variety. If you ever wish to take a look at our newsletters online you can do so by going to our 2014 CSA Newsletters link. We also have all of our newsletters from our past CSA seasons archived under the Newsletters heading if you want to see what our CSA has offered in the past or want to browse through old recipes or information.

Garlic on a String

Garlic on a String

We worked on harvesting our garlic yesterday evening. We trialed five different varieties this year to see what would grow best in our environment. We already have some opinions based on the size of the bulbs we pulled out of the ground. We also will make decisions based upon how well the bulbs dry and store.

Playing In The Corn

Playing In The Corn

If you know a thing or two about Battle Creek Gardens, then you also know that we have not grown corn in the past five years or so. This is because of the proliferation of genetically modified corn varieties in the U.S. and corn’s ability to cross pollinate so readily, spreading these genetic mutations. We thought we would give some corn a shot this year, however.This is Matt and Deidre’s first time ever growing corn, so it comes with a bit of excitement. We planted a blue cornmeal variety of corn and it seems to be more than thriving! We also planted sweet corn that is growing, though not as vigorously as the other variety.

The bugs continue to be a nuisance around here, given the wet conditions this year. It’s really too bad that so many nasty little creatures thrive in the conditions we have had this Spring/early Summer. We are battling them as best we can. When you choose not to use pesticides, sometimes that means losing crops. Here is a sweet picture of our little ones hunting for squash bug eggs on the summer squash. These little creepy crawlies have been particularly bad this year, attacking all of our summer squash, winter squash and cucumbers. But, we don’t give up the fight.

Hunting Squash Bug Eggs

Hunting Squash Bug Eggs

“Gardening requires lots of water- most of it in the form of perspiration.” ~Lou Erickson

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  1. Peggy Kelly says:

    This is Peggy Kelly.  I am unable to get my basket again on Monday, Aug 4.  I will be out of town for health care reasons.  Please donate my basket again to someone else.  I still intend to pay for the season.

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