Hail Delays CSA Boxes Again

The Field on the Morning of  July 10

The Field on the Morning of July 10

The beginning of our CSA deliveries this year has been much anticipated! Spring came in late after one of the coldest winters on record. And once spring got here, it didn’t want to let up. Our crops have been slow growing with the constant bombardment of rain and the lack of warm spring and summer temperatures. So far this season we have lost our potato crop, which rotted in the ground due to excessive moisture, our cucumbers, summer squash and winter squash have dampened off, causing crop failure and our brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts, etc.) have been decimated by pestilence. Many of the crops in the field have just refused to grow in the cool, wet conditions. These past couple of weeks have been exciting as we have seen things begin to flourish on the farm.


Josiah Harvesting Head Lettuce

Josiah Harvesting Head Lettuce

We have had some successes. Radishes, peas, head lettuce, napa cabbage and some kale have all blessed our table in the past couple of months. Unfortunately, most of these items have come one at a time and all at once. Surely, we couldn’t give our customers just one item at a time (or seven head lettuce at a time). Therefore, we have been delaying beginning our CSA deliveries until we had some variety.


Melon Plant After Hailstorm

Melon Plant After Hailstorm

On Wednesday evening we decided that we would begin our CSA deliveries this coming Monday. Then, yesterday, we experienced decimating hail on the farm. This was a huge blow to both our crops and our spirits! Many of our crops in their second or third plantings are now set back once again. After assessing the damage to the field crops we have determined that there is no way that we can begin our CSA this coming week.

Purslane Took a Beating From Hail

Purslane Took a Beating From Hail

We have known for some time now that we need to find a way to provide more protection for our crops from the hail. Even if we only get one substantial hail storm each season, it can be enough to wipe out entire crops. We have planted our field in sections this year that would be suitable for covering with temporary greenhouse structures, such as the one pictured above. We do not yet have these structures available and therefore our crops remain vulnerable to the elements.

Swiss Chard Looking More Like Swiss Cheese

Swiss Chard Looking More Like Swiss Cheese

We thank you all so much for your patience as we navigate this season which, like any other, has challenged us greatly! We would like to offer you some encouragement by saying that in the past, even with a late start, we have been able to fulfill our 15 week CSA shares.


If you have a Market-style share, we would like to invite you to visit the farm to see what we have available for you. Today we have beautiful napa cabbage, garlic scapes, kale and a few cherry tomatoes. It would be very helpful if you could call Matt ahead of time. We should be able to pull an order together for you.

“A farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.”   ~Will Rodgers


“A farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.” ~Will Rodgers


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One Response to Hail Delays CSA Boxes Again

  1. Ignacio says:

    I remembre those days is not very encouraging but ther’s a lesson in everything for Us hold on there i am praying for you.


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