Rain, Rain Go Away!

DEA_3382I know that here in the midwest, there comes a time when we are all but pining for moisture from the skies. But right now, we wouldn’t complain if we had a little less rain and a little more sunshine!

Strawberry Blossoms

Strawberry Blossoms

We know that many of our CSA customers are asking that all important question: “When will we be getting produce?” Unfortunately, that question is not so easy to answer. It all depends on the weather! We started the season early in hopes of getting some early harvests. Unfortunately our notorious long, cold winter didn’t want to let up! This, coupled with not having heat in our greenhouses, means that we are not ready to begin harvesting yet.

Tomatoes in the Greenhouse

Tomatoes in the Greenhouse

The good news is that things are on their way! We aren’t worried a bit! We just ask that you continue to be patient and know that great things are to come!! We will definitely let you know when we plan to begin our CSA deliveries. Right now, we can say that it likely will not happen within the next three weeks.

For our market-style members: We may have some produce available for sale before our CSA deliveries begin. If this is the case we will inform you via email. However, we will not be delivering into town, so you would have to visit us here at the farm to pick up your orders (which we love- cause then we get to see you!).

Also, if you are not following us on Facebook, here is a video that we made for the board here are BHHEC that outlines some of the methods and machinery we have implemented over the last year. Let us know what you think.

Please keep the farm in your prayers! We are looking forward to another awesome year!




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3 Responses to Rain, Rain Go Away!

  1. Dave L says:

    Speaking as a customer myself I can assure everyone that if the produce is up to its usual standards then it will be worth waiting for !

  2. J.Louie says:

    It’s been quite a long wait…
    I see Breadroot Co-Op got some of your produce recently, so hopefully, Market Style customers will be able to get some soon. It’s high time to start eating something green!

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