Meet the Newest Member of the Farm Crew

Greetings to our Farm Family out there! It has been a while!

While winter reared it’s subzero head here in South Dakota our family headed west to the more moderate climate of the Pacific Northwest. Deidre and the kids left in early December while Matt stayed behind to work on tying up fall farm projects. Matt joined the family the week of Christmas and we had a splendid holiday with our family and friends. With the whole family present we settled in to await the birth of our newest family member. For Deidre this couldn’t be soon enough, as she was getting uncomfortable in the last stages of pregnancy.

We had strategically planned the timing of our pregnancy so that the birth would fall in the ‘off season’ of farming (lucky you!). We knew that labor, delivery and having a newborn would put a damper on our long summer days in the soil. What we hadn’t planned on was our lack of insurance coupled with the lack of options here in South Dakota. Our goal in heading out to Washington was to have a healthy baby while keeping our medical expenses to a minimum. We feel that our trip was a success!

We were able to find a midwife while still in South Dakota who was willing to work with us at the end of our pregnancy. She and her assistants ended up being more of a blessing than we ever could have imagined. We had a successful childbirth at home with both of our children present. It was an amazing experience for the kids (and the whole family) to take part in and they share a close bond with their little sister already. So, here she is:
Hannah Grace
Born January 19, 2014, 7 lbs. 0 oz.

Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace

Yep, we think she’s pretty perfect and we could bombard you with tons of pictures, but we won’t…yet. Cheers!

All 3 Kids

All 3 Kids

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