Just an Update

Greenhouse cucumbers

Greenhouse cucumbers

Hello all, sorry about the long delay in getting into touch with you.  This spring has been very busy and challenging for us.   Being our first season here on our own there are many things that we are learning.  We started the year with big hopes of having really early crops that we could get out.  As you all know the weather has been cooler than usual.  The rain has been a big blessing and greened everything up but the cooler weather and the cloud cover has not helped speed the growing process.  Other than the weather we are very excited about all the progress that has been happening on the farm.

Starthouse Bursting with Starts

Starthouse Bursting with Starts

With our new start house we have been able to start a lot more plants this year than in previous years.  Just today we transplanted around 2000 tomato plants of varying varieties into the field.  We also planted 2000 feet of melons with more to plant.  I could go on and on about what we are planting but needles to say we are putting a lot of food into the ground each day.  A couple of weeks ago we expanded our strawberry patch from 5 beds to around 17.  Last week we also grew our raspberry rows from 400 feet to around 1600 feet.  We have also put in a new irrigation system in the past couple of weeks that is saving us a ton of time already.  We have been working hard to put into place many changes that will help save time and increase efficiency throughout the season. Our ultimate goal is to be able to focus more on getting food out of the ground and to you- the customer.

Setting up Irrigation Lines

Setting up Irrigation Lines

Thank you all for supporting us and cheering us on.  Growing food is not the easiest endeavor to tackle and just when you think you have it figured out you realize you’re not even close.  One thing that makes our profession so enjoyable is having all of you guys out there begging for our food.  It brings daily encouragement.

As for the CSA we are hoping to start it soon.  Things are beginning to grow better now but it is always hard to tell exactly when we will start.  We had been hoping to be rolling by now, but all we can do is work with what we have.  Please stay tuned for any info that we send out.  We will try and give you as much notice as possible.  Once again thank you.

Blessings!  The Farm Crew

Transplanting Tomatoes

Transplanting Tomatoes

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One Response to Just an Update

  1. Velma Collings says:

    Wow, and wow! What a lot of growing going on at your place. Sounds great. Have a wonderful season. Just let the weather cooperate, and have enough helpers, and things should move along great.

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