Spring Fever!

We can’t believe that it is already March.  This is an exciting time. We can see and feel changes in the weather patterns, we can hear the songs of new birds as they make their journey back North and the feeling of spring is in the air! Daylight savings time is only one week away and then things will really feel like summer is on the horizon. Time sure flies, especially when things are busy.

The past few months have been exciting for us. We completed our first winter CSA program on February 14 this year. We had a wonderful experience serving our winter CSA members and have received lots of critical feedback. Thank you to those who supported our first effort at such an endeavor. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Beds in GreenhouseAnother project that has been ongoing this winter has been the transformation of our greenhouse from a raised-bed system to a more traditional, in-ground layout. This will enable us to maximize out growing capacity in this greenhouse for the seasons to come. This was quite the project, since the ground had been compacted and covered with gravel and even some underground tanks had to be removed. As you can see, we have the beds all ready for planting now.

In addition to this greenhouse project we have another in the works. Starthouse ConstructionSince we removed all of the work benches from the previous greenhouse, we needed to build a space to start all of our seedlings. This is where our ‘starthouse’ project comes in. We have been constructing a (large), south-facing solar greenhouse specifically for seed starting. It is adjacent to our existing maintenance building.  The structure sits atop a hole that is four feet into the ground. This enables us to monopolize on the constant temperature of the ground below the surface. Another Starthouse Constructionfeature this greenhouse will have is a 15 to 20-inch cavity between it’s layers of plastic overhead. This cavity can then be filled with soap bubbles at night for warmth and during the hottest of days for shade. These bubbles provide insulation that is equivalent to an R-value of 1 for every inch. With these features, we can keep our greenhouse at safe temperatures for the seedlings without using excessive energy to do so.

We have many other plans and projects for the weeks and months to come. We will do our best to keep you updated as we go.

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4 Responses to Spring Fever!

  1. Milty says:

    Glad the MattMan is here, I wish you “kids” success in all endeavors! The progress is impressive!

  2. Ignacio Perez says:

    good looking greenhouse. how did you got those hoops so perfect

    • sowing4him says:

      Matt has built several different benders since we have been farming- all worked great. I attribute it to his extensive construction background. Plus, he’s the Man. Haha!

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