2013 Community Supported Agriculture Program

As we prepare to meet the 2013 growing season head on, our thoughts and efforts have been focused upon our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for this year. We are pleased to announce that we are

Now accepting applications for our 2013 CSA Program

This year we are offering our traditional 15 week CSA program, just as we have in the past. This will consist of a produce delivery once a week for the 15 week period to be picked up by members at an arranged location. The box will contain a variety of produce that is fresh on the farm for that week, with an emphasis on variety and value. It is much like owning stock or a ‘share’ in the harvest for the season. We will be offering two separate 15 week programs this year, back-to-back. The second session will run into the winter months.

In addition to this traditional model we are adding something new this year. We would like to offer a Market-style CSA program. Market-style CSA’s differ in their level of flexibility and choice offered to the member. In this type of program, the purchaser has an account balance which they purchase at the beginning of the season. They can then get on our website and ‘spend’ their balance to build their box each week, giving them the opportunity to customize it’s contents. Additionally, in a Market-style CSA, the member can ‘spend’ their balance at our farmer’s market stand in Rapid City. We are only offering a limited number of Market-style CSA shares this year as it is a test run for us. They are strictly first-come-first-serve, so if you are interested, please sign up today.

For more information about our CSA program please see our CSA information page, or to sign-up please click HERE.

As always, we would like to remind our CSA members that purchasing a CSA share is much like owning stock in our farm for a season. You get to share in the bounty of the harvest. We make every effort towards success in our farming practice, however, we have no control over crop failures for whatever reason. By purchasing a CSA share, you are assuming this risk with us.

Tomato HadassahThank you for your support! We look forward to sharing the upcoming season with you!



Hadassah with a freshly transplanted tomato plant. We are so excited and hoping for early tomatoes this year!

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