Gearing Up For the Coming Season

We have been planning for this time for months! The new season is only a few short weeks away and already there is much preparation underway! We finally have a heater for the greenhouses, a 1,000,000 BTU pellet stove that was generously donated by Eden Valley Institute.  This is very exciting since it means that we can plant in the greenhouse much earlier this season. In addition to the heater for the greenhouse, we will be constructing a new start house in the next couple of weeks. It will be a South-facing solar heated greenhouse. The floor will be lower than the ground and we will be trying to harness heat from below the ground to help to keep the start house warm on cold days. It will be nice to have a space dedicated solely to plant starts rather than sharing greenhouse space with other, growing crops.

Our winter CSA has only two weeks of deliveries left after today. It sure has flown by! This week’s CSA box contained collard greens and included a recipe for making wraps with them. If you would like to watch a video of how this is done, you can do so below.  It’s not the best videography in the world, but you can see how to make the food…and that;s the important part!

We also have been blessed  with two farm volunteers who will be here for through the 2013 growing season. Their names are Akeem and Anjin. They both have a passion for learning about country living and farming  with best practices. Hopefully we can get some bios up soon!

Stay tuned for updates on the new start house! Until then, stay warm and eat well!

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