Winter CSA Underway

First Winter CSA Box

Well, this past week was the first delivery of our Winter CSA boxes. We were happy to still have vine-ripened tomatoes to include in the box…and they were tasty! We have been anticipating the first box for some time now, so it was a relief to get the first one behind us.

We had quite the cold snap this past weekend- down around 10 degrees. We were able to keep the main greenhouse above freezing, but just barely at times. This was a real test for us, because we are still learning what it takes to keep the heat in and pumping out of the stove. Some of the tomato plants near the outside wall did not make it, but we realize that is all part of the game. We just keep doing what we can and rely on the Lord to do the rest.

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving week and are trying to plan the contents of our box around the holiday. If you are a current CSA member, please keep your eye out for details bout your delivery next week as Thursday is Thanksgiving and we will be changing the pick-up day. You should have an email by tomorrow (Wednesday) evening so you can have about a weeks notice.

Enjoying the cold weather

Last, but not least, we want to let you know about an event that is planned at Black Hills Health and Education Center- Healthy Cooking for the Holidays. It will be take place on Sunday, November 18th. There will be recipes, cooking demonstrations and food samples all geared to help you prepare healthy alternatives to traditionally rich holiday meals. If you are interested in attending, an RSVP is appreciated, but not required.

Healthy Cooking for the Holidays

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