To Everything There is a Season

Well, on the farm the seasons bring change! This fall has brought upon great change here at Battle Creek Gardens. One of the most noteworthy changes has been saying farewell to Larry and Michelle Lesher. The Leshers spent the last three summers running the in’s-and out’s of BCG. They poured all of themselves into their work here and they will be sorely missed!

Matt, Deidre and family

Matthew Dealy has stepped into the role of farm manager. Some of you may remember Matt and his family. Matt spent the summer of 2010 working on the farm as an intern. His growing practices and beliefs parallel Larry’s in many ways and Matt aims to uphold the same high standards that have been employed here at Battle Creek Gardens in the past. Matt will be joined on the farm by his wife, Deidre and their two young children.

Wood Stove in Greenhouse

The change in weather means farming has slowed down for 2012. Our first freeze came in early October and it was a hard one! We were in a flurry trying to prepare the field and greenhouses, harvesting what we could before it was laid to waste by Jack Frost. We are now working to prolong the harvest on the crops remaining. We moved two of the field houses over some of our winter crops and placed some smaller row covers over others. This will maintain harvests longer as the temperatures continue to fall. Additionally, Matt has installed a wood-burning stove in a portion of the tomato greenhouse to maintain temperatures well above freezing at night. So far this has been a success and our tomato plants continue to set and ripen fruit, though at a slower pace than in peak season. There is still much to do on the farm to prepare for winter and next spring. We are taking it one day at a time.

Hadassah Sitting in the Kale Patch

Another new venture for the farm this year is the addition of a winter CSA program. This program will consist of 15 weeks of deliveries, just as the summer CSA program does. The cost is $350. The contents of the box will differ somewhat, with more cold-weather produce and a bakery item from Battle Creek Bakery each week. We will  be working hard to produce as much as we can on the farm this year. We will then purchase other, quality items to complete the box. If you are interested in signing up for our Winter CSA, please do so now as the deadline is this coming Sunday, November 4th. Our first delivery will be on Wednesday, November 7th and can be picked up at the Rapid City SDA Church or at the farm in Hermosa. You can sign-up at our new website:

Thank you for your support of our farm!


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