Showers of Blessings

May has been an interesting month for Battle Creek Gardens. Larry, Jed and the other helping hands have been busy working hard to build the fence around the new field and put in the new irrigation system. This, as you can probably image, is a HUGE job. In the process both tractors stopped working, thus slowing down the whole project. Then the Lord send Reuben. Reuben is originally from New Zealand and has come to help us for a few weeks. It just so happens that he knows how to fix tractors and how to work the bigger machinery to help Larry dig the trench for the irrigation and to drill the holes for the fence. We have been so blessed to have Reuben on the farm the past two weeks.

New Farm in the Valley

This processes has had it’s fair share of difficulties. In order to start planting the fence and irrigation had to be in place. This added a great deal of pressure to getting the project finished. But with all the team work, between Reuben, Jim, Jed and Larry the job is finally complete.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better Larry and I received a message that Battle Creek Gardens has been given a donation for a brand new 5065 E Jon Deere tractor from an anonymous source. What! That’s right I said brand new…donation!

Larry on the NEW Tractor


Because of the need to build the fence and irrigation in the new farm in the valley we have been behind schedule a few weeks. We see that this donation of the new tractor will help to increase the speed of prepping the ground and getting work done, the old David Brown stalls in the field a lot causing precious time to be lost on a daily bases. This new tractor has the ability to use the spader with ease and gives Larry more control of depth with tilling.


We have never received such a large donation and we want to thank the anonymous givers for blessing our farm this year. I also want to personally¬† thank the donors because Larry is a much happier farmer now that he has a reliable tractor to work with…and that makes for a much happy husband!

Larry, Jed & Reuben Planting Onions in the New Field

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One Response to Showers of Blessings

  1. Hi Mikey! Hi Larry! So great to read about all the new projects and improvements on your farm. Reliable tractors make life so much better!
    We miss you guys. Here’s to a great 2012 growing season,
    Siri, Jason, and Felix

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