Donations From Above


The past few months have been amazing for Battle Creek Gardens. We have had several major donations. First we had a donation for 37 fruit trees,  last week a donation for a new 138 foot green house and a donation for an 4 inch ball valve and pipe for the new irrigation system for the farm in the valley.

The trees were donated by an anonymous person who requested that the trees be planted in a specific way:

1) Dig a three foot hole that is three feet wide, separating the top soil from the sub-soil as you go.

2) Put a solid drain pipe that is a foot or more long in the bottom of the hole blocking the ends with rocks so that dirt does not enter into the pipe.

3) Then put amendments in top soil…depending on your soil type use the appropriate amendments. Common amendments are soft rock phosphate, leaf mold from near by decomposing leaves, compost, one quart of sea water, seaweed base amendments with an additional consideration of Azomite.

4) Blend up the above ingredients into the top soil and then fill first foot with this blend.

5) Then put down a thin layer of rocks.

6) Add one foot of sub-soil.

7) Then one large rock in the center of the hole.

8) Then cover rock with a few more inches of top soil mixture.

9) Place the roots over the rock and cover with top soil mixture.

10) Then put a sleeve around the base of the tree to protect the  from animals.

11) Then you put one to two inches of mulch around the tree.

12) Then built a dike around the tree to hold water and water the tree in well.


Quit the process! This took Larry and Jed and many other helpers from BHHEC several weeks from digging to end.

The second donation was for a “one-day greenhouse” that is 138 feet long. This was donated by an organization  called Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI). You can learn more about this ministry at The green house should arrive in July and we are so excited to have another area to grow produce that will be protected form the hail, wind and all the other crazy and exciting elements that we see frequently in Hermosa.

Last, but not least our friendly neighbors and friends the Millner family donated a new irrigation valve and pipe and helped Larry to set up the new irrigation system for the farm in the valley. This process was extremely important in making the new farm area ready for planting.

God is pouring out his blessings on us already this year and we believe that this is confirmation that what we are doing is in harmony with His will. Thank you to all of the people involved in making these donations possible and to everyone that has donated their time and energy to help make Battle Creek Gardens a success.


Larry, Michelle and Jed


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One Response to Donations From Above

  1. Scott Snyder (previous intern) says:

    man oh man I wish I was there… hope to see you guys soon.

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