Hail, Hail, and More Hail

Today was our third hail store within one week. Quite the contrast from last year, we had many hail storms but our garden was spared every time. This year each storm has hit the garden and hit the crops hard. Here are some photos after the first storm.

Turnip Abused by Hail


Precious Purslane Totally Stripped

The Beets Lost Their Lucious Leaves

Poor Melons!

Outdoor Tomato Plants

How We all Felt After the Storm

We are hopeful that some of the crops may recover. We are thankful that the one greenhouse that we have was not damaged and that the tomato, eggplant, peppers and baby starts growing in this greenhouse were safe from the storm.

First Ripe Tomato of the Year

Violet Jasper...How Pretty

Baby Lettuce Protected in Greenhouse

Squash Blossom Survivor

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One Response to Hail, Hail, and More Hail

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh that is so sad!! It’s heart breaking when all of that hard work gets nearly destroyed in a matter of minutes. Hopefully some of the veggies and fruits will be able to recover.

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