The Beauty of High Diversity Farming

The beautiful thing about high diversity farming is that you may have failures in some crops but it leaves you with many more to choose from. The fatal tomato event was quite a blow. However, we have moved forward and are excited about the 40+ other varieties of vegetables…and fruit that we will be enjoying & sharing soon. That’s right we said fruit! Last year we had a good crop of strawberries and this year there are lots of flowers ready to bear fruit soon….we also have grapes that are now 3 years old & we hope to partake in the fruit of the vine this year as well…we also have raspberries that did not bear much fruit last year..which means chances are this year will be better. We are so thankful to God for all of the wonderful things that are growing right now on the farm and for the amazing crew He has sent to work with us this year!

Rob, Scott, Larry, Brody, Jovie, Samuel AKA Sam & Andrea......the Crew

Kale, cabbage, basil, broccoli, purslane, squash, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants,....and much more

Playing in the Strawberry Patch

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