Our First Farming Disaster in South Dakota

Well I am sad to report to all of our loyal CSA members, family and friends that last Sabbath, April 30th, we lost 480 tomato plants and a newly constructed greenhouse in a matter of hours. Larry had been working for weeks moving the greenhouse that was used last year for tomatoes to a new spot on the farm. On Thursday Larry and a group of helpers, including our new interns, put on the finishing touches and the plastic finally went on….sorry no pictures. Friday was spend digging lots of holes and planting and irrigating all 480 newly planted tomato plants that had been living in our house since March 1st. Sabbath morning it was very windy and Larry went down to check on the greenhouse and it had become a kite, literally lifted off the ground, and moved over several feet. The winds were so strong that we did not attempt to stabilize the greenhouse because someone could have been hurt.

Several hours later the greenhouse had moved onto the garlic beds and ALL 480 tomato plants were destroyed….along with the entire greenhouse…..again, sorry no pictures. Needless to say we were all pretty shocked that such destruction happened in a matter of hours after weeks of long hard labor. The blessing that has come out of this is that we all believe that God has a greater plan for us. Things can change in the blink of an eye but God never does.

We have picked ourselves up and have started to replant tomatoes. Larry has had to rethink his planting plan in our other greenhouse and has decided to put a couple hundred tomato plants in there rather than fill it with peppers and eggplant. Today Samuel and Scott, two of our three interns, planted several thousand onions in the tomato graveyard with high hopes for their future.

Samuel Planting Onions Where Greenhouse Once Was

Other happy happenings on the farm include, peas have been planted, our garlic survived the storm and kale, broccoli, cabbage, chard, lettuce, romanesco , spigariello and much more have been seeded…thanks to Andrea a gratefully appreciated farm volunteer that will be working with us this season.

Last year our first tomato harvest was June 20th…this year in may not be until August…but it is better late then never!! We look forward to the bountiful produce that we will have this year and although this was a major setback, we anticipate many blessings to come this year at

Battle Creek Gardens.


Larry, Samuel and Scott

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2 Responses to Our First Farming Disaster in South Dakota

  1. kasey says:

    So very sorry to hear about the wind disaster. Hope you get lots of workers and much better weather to combat this loss. CSA members sign up and help!

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