Fall Harvest


The Best Broccoli Ever!

The Fall is my Favorite time of year…and we have truly been blessed with this extended season. Here are some photos of our Fall harvest.

Delicata Winter Squash....My Favorite!

More Winter Squash

Lot O' Leeks

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4 Responses to Fall Harvest

  1. Gordon says:

    Hey, Larry has had a shave – now he looks like a youngster again………..

  2. Donna says:

    Michelle, you do have beets. They look great but I prefer the watermelons. I will be able to see all up close and personal in the spring. I hoping to come see you guys. Love you!

  3. Lesa B. says:

    I wish we were there for all the melons too. They look so good. But I hear North Dakota was getting a foot of snow today or tomorrow. Yikes!!!! This Texas girl can’t handle that. Miss you all so much. Love to all.

  4. Lesa Bendler says:

    Well – then – I guess I didn’t cut off ALL the leeks to the ground with that nifty hoola hoe!!!!! They are beautiful. Everything looks so amazing. What a blast we had this summer. Miss you all terribly. Much love.

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