Greenhouse Construction

Farm Crew Building a Home for the Tomato Plants

Well, it has been a while since our last post…now you know why! The crew has been working hard, harvesting, planting, weeding and building. It truly is challenging to keep up with all that needs to be done on the farm. The greenhouse construction has been an on going project for weeks and the first row of tomatoes were trellised earlier this week. Larry and I are so grateful for all the help that God has sent to the farm this season. Deidre comes out several times a week while our friends Patricia and Donna watch the kids. Nancy, a close neighbor friend, has been helping out with harvesting and weeding several times a week, not to mention all the hard work the crew does day in and day out.

Kris, a farm intern that had to leave mid season, has headed east and we have hired Jordan as the new intern. Check out his profile on the profile page.  Olivier and Danielle are the two faithful full time volunteers  that we could not get along without. They work long hours 6 days a week farming, now that is commitment! We thank all of the crew for all their hard work and dedication.

Lunch on the Farm

All the hard work is worth it when we sit down for a meal together. There is nothing like  delicious vegetables freshly harvested, they taste so amazing…..I am sure you all agree!


Pesto anyone? The box this week had my favorite recipe…basil pesto. For those of you who follow our blog that are not CSA members, the recipe is in the newsletter for this week under the tab newsletter.

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