Farmer’s Markets and Farm Tours

Rapid City Farmer's Market

Yesterday was our biggest market to date. We had over 20 varieties of vegetables and a line of people waiting for veggies most of the day. We are so thankful for all of our loyal customers who are spreading the word about our farm. As the season is begining to peak we will continue to bring new and exciting vegetables to the market.

Farm Tour with Mom's Group

Battle Creek Gardens invites you to tour our farm to experience what we do. It is wonderful to meet some of our CSA members in person and tour them around God’s beautiful garden. If you are interested in coming out to the farm call Michelle at 605-255-4101 ext 25. Also remember we have a work share program for those that are interested in working with us in trade for some fersh produce. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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One Response to Farmer’s Markets and Farm Tours

  1. Gordon says:

    Hi to all of you

    Is it not time for an update and some more photos………..
    Keep up the good work

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