Farm Update

Larry harvesting beets for our CSA members

The farm is really shaping up.  We are proud that the plants in the field are flourishing and it is beginning to look like a farm finally!  We have successive plantings of lettuce and salad mix, beets, turnips, mustards, all which bring color to the beds.  The summer squash are beginning to produce fruit and the melons are in bloom.  The anticipation is so great as we wait for the harvest that is to come!

The wash station has been completed thanks to lots of hard work, especially by Matt.  We had to add new plumbing & electrical to the main wash area, as well as reorganize and get rid of lots of old, unused junk.  Thankfully we have a very functional work space available now for washing, trimming, organizing and boxing produce. In addition to the wash station, our cooler is functional.  This is a huge blessing!  The cooler enables us to harvest some of the produce for orders the day before they have to go out.  That means a lot on days we are harvesting for CSA’s, Tally’s, BHHEC and Breadroot all at once!

Fred and Dave harvesting Jericho romaine and Samantha head lettuce for market

Right now the guys are working on getting trellising up for the second planting of peas and beans and trellising grapes.  Then the next big project is a possible field house for the tomatoes in the ground.  This is a temporary greenhouse that would be placed in the field over the tomatoes offering them optimal growing conditions as well as protection from thunder/hailstorms that pass through.

Larry & Michelle at market

We are pleased at how the farmer’s markets have been going.  They have been a wonderful opportunity to get the word out about our farm, sell our produce and meet many great people.  “Thank you!!” to all of you who have come out to support our stand! Thanks for spreading the word and thanks for enjoying our farm fresh produce with us!!

Marvin about to enjoy a huge Cherokee Purple tomato he purchased at our farm stand

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