Picks for the Week

First Ripe Tomato of the Year

We are excited to share a picture of our first ripe tomato of the year. This is an Azoychka Russian Heirloom Tomato that is rich in flavor. The farm crew along with a friend named Cat, a New Zealander that volunteers at BHHEC, enjoyed this tomato at lunch on Sabbath. Cat cared for this plant when it was a baby while Larry and Michelle were in South Africa studying agriculture this past February. We can thank Cat for here watering skills while we partake in the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers in the greenhouse that are happily bearing fruit.

Strawberries Anyone?

We were so excited when we harvested 30 pounds of strawberries yesterday…we did not expect so many for the first harvest. Our loyal CSA members got a strawberry surprise for the first day of summer. Tally’s Silver Spoon in Rapid bought 10 pounds to make jam and fresh desserts.

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One Response to Picks for the Week

  1. Cat says:

    That tomato was exceedingly yummy!!! Plus the satisfaction of growing it myself – LOL!

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