Interested in Farm Fresh Produce?

CSA Members

Our goal for this year was to have 30 CSA members and we currently have 37. We are so thankful and excited to share this years produce with all of our new CSA membrs.  Thank you for your support!

Update on the CSA boxes:

We were hoping to start the boxes the first Monday of June, but due to the colder start to the season we will tentatively start the boxes the second week of June, the 14th.

Rapid City drop site:

Seventh-day Adventist Church
4703 South Canyon Road
Rapid City
3 to 6 pm on Mondays

Hermosa drop site:

Battle Creek Gardens
13815 Battle Creek Rd
3 to 6 pm on Mondays

Other Ways to Acquire Produce

There are several ways you can acquire our produce;

  • The first is to become a member of our CSA program (We have currently reached our limit on CSA members for this growing season but remember there is always next year).
  • The second way you can acquire produce from the garden is to become involved in the ‘Work Share’ program. This means you would come at regularly scheduled intervals and work in the garden for a set number of hours each week, in return you would receive a share of the produce harvested each week.

For more information or to apply to be part of the ‘Work Share’ program contact Michelle at or 605-255-4101  Ext. 25.

  • The third way to obtain our produce is from your local Farmers Markets in Rapid City on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting in June. We will also have a farm stand on Fridays  at the Farmers Market just east of Rapid Spa on the south side of East Omaha Street.
  • The fourth way is from your local food coop, Breadroot.  Starting in June we will be supplying Breadroot with a variety of tasty vegetables fresh from the farm
  • Finally Battle Creek Gardens sells produce directly to restaurants who wish to supply fresh local produce  to their patrons. We will be supplying Tally’s Silver Spoon in Rapid City this season and if you have a restaurant and are interested in seeing what we can supply for your kitchen contact Michelle at or 605-255-4101  Ext. 25.

Farm Tours, Dinners and other Announcements

Battle Creek Gardens will post announcements about events on our blog. These announcements could be about dates for commencement of the farmers Markets, recipes for produce that will be in the upcoming CSA boxes or Announcements of Farm Tours or Farm Dinners.

Farm Tours: From time to time Battle Creek Gardens is open for people to come and tour the facilities, these tours are very helpful for people who are attempting to establish their own gardens at home.

Farm Dinners: Towards the end of Summer the Gardens will also host ‘Farm Dinners’ where guest will be able to enjoy a meal produced almost entirely from food grown on the farm.

So, add the Battle Creek Garden Blog to your favorites list and check it regularly for announcements.

Interns and Other Learning Opportunities

Each year Battle Creek Gardens takes on two or three enthusiastic and energetic individuals who are eager to learn about small scale farming as interns for the growing season. Our internship positions have been filled for the current season but we are accepting applications for next year. An application can be downloaded at

For people who want to learn about growing their own organic food, but don’t have a whole summer to invest in being an intern, we offer a five day seminar entitled ‘Sowing for the Harvest’ that will answer many of your questions about growing your own food. For more information check out the link on our main page or get pricing and information at

Volunteers are welcome in the garden and this is another way which you can learn and experience the skills it requires to grow your own food. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer contact Michelle at or 605-255-4101  Ext. 25.

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